OK so we all need a little bit of love and as a small business owner I know how much a bit of positive feedback can make me feel like everything I am doing means something and is worth while.

Recently I have felt kodak has been coming under fire and that it might not be feeling very loved. So this thread is for all of us to say something positive about kodak.

I would like to thank Kodak for all their research and development which has delivered us unsurpassed analog products for the past century. Your hard work
has helped other analog photographic companies improve their products.
Your products have and continue to make wonderful images. Especially big thanks
for making EIR and HIE two of my personal favorite films and also Bravo on
the creation of product S0-339 !!!

I know it might be a hard time to be in the photographic industry and that sometimes in the heat of the moment people may say mean things about you. But you have given us all so much and we do appreciate it.



So that's my thoughts I encourage you all to take a moment and reflect on the awesomeness of kodaks achievement and give them some of the warm fuzzy love we have all been holding back on for so long.