Kodak product that I really love:
- Kodak TMax 400 - my main film. 80% of everything I shoot in medium format is TMax 400. It is, by far, the most malleable film I know. By changing how I process the film I can get it to do many different things. Changing agitation will help me shape the curve to my liking.
- Kodak TMax 100 and Plus-X - represents the rest of the b&w film I shoot in medium format. Both are lovely films that I enjoy a lot, especially with pinhole work.
- Kodak Portra 400NC - pretty much my only medium format color film, and sadly discontinued. But instead of crying about it I will look forward to trying the new Portra 400.
- Kodak Xtol - my main black and white developer. I use it as replenished and for everything with light hitting the surfaces I photograph directly, it is pretty much unbeatable in my opinion. An outstanding combination of sharpness, grain, acutance, and tonality that suits me perfectly.
- Kodak HC-110 - my developer of choice for flatly lit scenes. This developer helps bring contrast back to flatly lit scenes in a splendid way. Love how long it stores and how versatile it is with its different dilutions and efficiency.

All in all I admire Kodak for a great many things they have invented, and somehow continue to put on the market. I am extremely grateful for the, in my mind, superior products you develop and produce.

- Thomas Bertilsson

Photographer and Kodak lover