Just to play devil's advocate... I don't think a meaningful comparison can be made with two different pictures in completely different scenes. If there's one thing photography should teach us is that our eye's have an amazing ability to compensate. That's why we need light meters and light temperature meters.

I know that evening sun creates a reddish cast but I've never seen colors like these on the right slide before, just look at the grass.
I don't doubt that there is a difference in the two, but so many things can come into play that might alter the appearance, including but not limited to differences in storage, differences in exposure, differences in scanning, differences in original scene, differences in proessing, etc.

Your examples are taken in the two most different lights one could imagine; bluish, diffuse, overcast lighting and end of day (or god forbid the morning), warm, sunset, directional light.

I'd like to see a more controlled experiment before making any conclusion.