While others fiddled with screen-plates and tri-color cameras, you hired two musicians to develop the world's finest monopack. You revolutionized color printing with your wash-off relief system that evolved into the fabled dye-transfer technique, and well... that was pretty cool.

You made really only one good camera, the Retina, but with it you hailed the 35mm cannister and that deserves a round on me.

I thank you for your stifled and sterile pictures of attractive women dressed up as though they were 20 years older, all in an effort to convince me that I, a simple hobbyist, could probably convince women to pose in front of my camera, maybe even naked someday. (Think 50's Kodak catalogs).

You made those great "Kodak Handbooks" with examples of all your papers and a big stupid picture of a baby on Velour, Super Velour, Super Velourmax, Rippled Velour, and so on. Some examples in those books are now showing signs of improper fixation, but some are not!

Your name's for products are absolutely ridiculous, and you seem to reuse them over, and over, and over, and over again, as if clinging tightly to your beloved trademarks. I respect commitment. But with this tendecy, you have created a new vernacular where words like Ektar, Estar, Ekta-, Dektol, and Selectol-Soft flourish and yet give way just as effortlessly to robotic code like D-19, D-76, HC-110 and TMAX. I feel like an artist and a technician.

Kodak, don't go changing,