I would make a game time decision on what speed to shoot the Delta 3200 at. You could very easily have enough light to shoot it at 1600 or lower, as I'm imaging some really strong illumination for the tatt-man; especially if you do not use a filter.

As for filtration, I don't think it'll be necessary IMO. Y'know, usually the point is to darken the blue sky, but inside it'll only have very subtle contrast effects. Not to say that those effects aren't warranted, and perhaps they are, but I don't know if it's a big deal either way plus in this situation, you need to optimize speed.

Now, if she was freckled or ruddy, I might use a bluish filter which will darken those red areas. It gives a cool look, again IMO. Some people might hate it, but I think it looks interesting, kinda old fashioned like an old blue-sensitive emulsion. But then again, she has porcelain skin, so no go anyways.

I'd say ditch the filter.