All the utah posts are from 2006...Must have been a great year for analog comeback enthusiasm...seems I am a bit late on the scene.
I am Wondering if anything in medium format or large format film is going on in Utah for 2011? Printing Courses, workshops ect... I would love to attend. I will be building a permanent and roomy B/W Darkroom in my basement based on the Kodak planform and am looking for an additional enlarger to my Omega B600 capable of printing from 6x7 - 4x5 negatives.
I am teaching myself the hard slow painful way but am enthusiastic enough to carry it through to the end.
Currently I am building a Mamiya RB 67 kit for landscape. (Pro S body 6x7 capable, 90mm and 50mm lenses, and a sturdy Tripod and ball head) A soligor spotmeter, and dual cable release, and polaroid back are on the way. My focus in Utah of course is primarily on landscapes, and occasional portraiture.
Does anyone have experience using graduated Red filters as a substitute for a GND for Black and white landscpae work? It seems logically interesting to bump contrast in the sky and expose normally for the ground like a GND for B/W film.

I Hope to hear form the UTAH APUGGERS soon!!
sounds ironically identical to APE-HUGGERS dont you think?
I cant imagine saying "Yeah I am a member of APE-HUG...We Hug APES!"

Scott McClarin.