If you have enough light to filter, I'd use a a Wratten #11. The Hoya XO is equivalent if you cannot find one. I find that it makes tonal separations in b/w a bit more like what the eye sees when shooting in warm light sources.

Remember that Delta 3200 is an ISO 1000 speed film, and that it is very flat. Because it is flat, however, it handles underexposure very well. You may want to rate it at at least 2000, or even 4000, to give the negs a little punch. It's a very forgiving and easy to print film IME. I use it very often.

I wouldn't use a folder for this unless it has a coupled rangefinder. Even then, a reflex camera will help quite a bit. A monopod may help a bit as well. I doubt that a tripod would be OK, but if so, you should bring one.