Um, Mike, google ruxxac. I have one that my wife has confiscated for her gardening. When I go a-shootin' with the full kit I steal it back. Rolls well, carries a lot, will have no problems with a proper case for a monorail in bat position. Bat position? Upside down, hanging on by its rail.

Last year I got a hard case, Cambo brand no less, for my little 2x3 Cambo SC. My SC, y'understand, has three standards, a couple or three rails, a 2x3 SLR module, extension tubes..., that fill the case. Come spring, the Cambo case will go on the Ruxxac, an old VCR case that now holds long lenses and flashes will go on top of that, and the rolling tool case will crown it all. Ridiculous, but hey, that's how I sometimes live.