Ok, the Swede comes barging in!

I have a 500C/M with CF120/4 and CF60/3.5 which I am very pleased with. If you decide to go for the 'blad, make sure to check the optics carefully. Avoid C- and CT*-lenses, service agents are running out of parts for these. While they can be found for peanuts, I wouldn't recommend them. The C-lenses are getting pretty old by now, the last were produced during the early seventies, then replaced by the CT* (in -72 I think) and by the first CF's in -82 (approximately). The housings are generally easier to serve and requires only a CLA every 5-10 years, ask the seller if it has been done recently. On the magazines, remember to check the dark slide insert as it might loosen up and fog the film. It is a simple thing to replace, I had my magazine done for $25 including parts but you can get the parts and a small screw driver for $10 to do it yourself.

Good luck with your camera, whichever you choose!