Just got back from a week's holiday at the beach and pleased to find the prints from Chris and Craig waiting. What I found very interesting was the different tones achieved with the different papers especially in comparison to my print. Both subjects were well suited to the lith treatment with the character of the carved heads and the walls of the red fort really brought to life with the silver infection! I enjoyed them very much. Thanks for sharing your work in this way.

Thanks also for your comments on my print. I suspect I am still seeing my first lith prints through a traditional printers eyes and I am aware that Ilford WT is not known for its ability to tone. I also made some comments in another post about my experience with Moersch and how it rapidly oxidises and expires with local contrast and graininess increasing markedly with each subsequent print. The prints I sent out were from the first 1 or 2 in a fresh batch of developer and consequently have a much smoother transition in the mid-tones. From memory we used Fotospeed LD20 at the Tim Rudman workshop and I don't recall this dramatic change being an issue observed or discussed. I also didn't have a supply of "old brown" so I didn't add any to my developers. This may be part of the secret for more consistent output? So much to learn, so little time!

Cheers, Tony