Thanks everyone for your suggestions. In the end I've decided on Myanmar/Thailand/Bhutan -- I don't get to do everything that I want, but everything I am doing is something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm getting my visa for Myanmar here in Japan so hopefully that goes smoothly and I won't have to waste time in Bangkok doing so. I'll have two weeks in Myanmar (mostly Yangon, Mandalay area, and Bagan), a week in Chiang Mai (Colin - I was also interested in the Mae Hong Son area but it's been tabled to (hopefully) another trip), and then my ten days in Bhutan. I'm trying to focus on getting the most out of a few areas, rather than a little of many areas. I've got most of the film I need in the fridge, and other than upgrading my cameras (which I probably won't do for this trip, much as I need to), I'm pretty much set. Hopefully the weather will co-operate and I'll get some interesting and frame-worthy photos from my trip! I'll definitely post some scans once I get back.