I have to laugh at myself from time to time - especially when I see others doing it too. I think about how many times I have had to buy something two or three times and how much money I spent to save money.

Example: -
I want to capture a great sand dune:
Drive to Death Valley - all time spent - 14 hours for the trip and the shots
time - (hobby time takes away from other valuable activities)
fuel - tires etc $60.00
Cost of camera, lenses, assessories - $3,000
Cost of film $15
Cost of darkroom equipment $2000
Time spent developing this lot - proofs - picking the one(s) to work on and printing time 16 hours

Now --- let me put this in perspective:

30 hours, $5000 in equipment to create a print I'll spend more to frame - and sell??
(Consider the costs if you flew there and stayed for a week)
How much can I save on fixer ... or developer? or film??
It seems silly to me. If I spent $30 on consumables in the whole process it would be .6% of the capital costs not including time.
Now add the time spent pondering how to save money on consumables ...

I wish I had not tried to save money on lenses - $1000 in losses from resale to upgrade
I wish I had not tried to save money on Light meters $750 more than I needed to spend
I wish I had not tried to save money on my MF camera system - $ I won't go there

I have got to stop this MADNESS!

BTW .... I am looking for a good cheap 150mm Sironar with Multicoat (this time) ...