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Hi, I'm new here.

I know it's not really zone system, but this is what I did for my latest roll of TMAX400:

meter something that is dark but where I still want texture (no spot meter, so the are has to be large enough to cover the central zone of the frame), decrease exposure two stops from there (If it said f1.8 1/4 then expose as 1/15). Recompose, shoot the picture.
This is a "perfectly normal" exposure placement choice via the zone system for negative film.

There is no reason to change development based on that choice.

As you indicated in a separate post, you don't know where the highlights are going to fall.

That is simply the-way-it-is for roll films and the other reason not to change development.

Adjusting development, as AA practiced it, was essentially to make printing easier; the target was to be able to use grade 2 paper all the time to print the "visualized" SBR.

With roll film we are just use different paper grades to match a specific frame's SBR/contrast.