I am interested in your workshops...
When do you typically schedule them?
I suppose I should humbly start at the start and work my way up...
do you do weekend field time during any of your workshops?

It is great to know you are available for general photography information as well.

Thanks for being a valuable resource.

I am excited to begin using my spot meter on a regular basis and compare images that I made earlier without it.
Hopefully more keepers will result.

Earlier I was using a point and shoot digital camera bracketing 3 frames while spot metering with the camera (the most it could do) in Priority mode, and then examining the histograms before deciding on an exposure for the Mamiya, but this was just to get my exposure in the ball park,(notthing longer than 8 seconds was possible) Then I would just guess for Reciprocity Failure with Macro 1-2 stops and ummm well bracket 2-3 shots just to make sure.

With a 1Deg spot meter I hope to begin capturing specific ideas I have for contrasty black and white compositions where the subject I am interested in is exposed how I want it to be. I cant imagine a better feeling than exposing and knowing that a textured black and a textured white are a certainty within every frame. I cant get that with digital. That is why I am back into Film, it is more deliberate, more poetic, and more fulfilling. I am sure the same goes for analog printing.