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Silly question perhaps from a first timer: reading the comments thread about the last round, are most people using the same image for all their cards or a different one? It sounds like it is the same image which I guess makes sense, then everyone can compare them (well, aside from differences between the individual prints of course).

Will we be sending extras to Simon at Ilford and Brad at Kodak again? Will Brad be upset to see Ilford post card paper?
First off don't forget Sean here at Apug if you send out extra cards.

As far as the images I usually do the same image for every card, but for round 21 I decided to mix it up a little and did six different images from a series of architectural shots I took of building reflections. I always sign up for the max and print about 60 cards so it was nice change of pace. For round 22 I'll probably revert back to printing a single image.