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First off don't forget Sean here at Apug if you send out extra cards.

As far as the images I usually do the same image for every card, but for round 21 I decided to mix it up a little and did six different images from a series of architectural shots I took of building reflections. I always sign up for the max and print about 60 cards so it was nice change of pace. For round 22 I'll probably revert back to printing a single image.

Sean in NZ, check!

I ordered a new RC drying rack that holds 20 5x7/4x6 pictures and I'm hoping that my old (was my father's) Eagle 8-sheet dryer will also hold 8 of them (I hope the 4x6 postcards aren't too short) in which case I can do my promised 20 plus the 3 extras, could even do 25 plus 3 without having to see if the first ones done can be taken off yet which is what I do today. Otherwise I'll need to get a second 20-picture dryer or do them in two batches.

How do most people manage to do the max at once? Batches or a lot of drying space? Drying space is my main struggle. RC isn't too bad but do some of you do max in fiber? I'd need to load them all into my drying press, could be done I guess. Maybe I'll do 5x7 fiber postcards some time, will see.