hi there gongman ..
i have shot street photographs with
8x10, 5x7 and 4x5 cameras ...
i think the problem you may run into with using an 8x10 aside from hoping to get 1/400thS at f8 ...
is size ... setting up an 8x10 for streetwork, while it can be done it is impossible to be "stealthy" and
it is kind of a pain in the neck. as for resolution &C ... if guillaume zuili's 35mm images ( some pinhole some traditional lens )
can be enlarged to something like 30x40" i don't think you will have trouble enlarging a 4x5 sheet of film as big as you want.

the other thing about 8x10 is that film is oodles more than 4x5 and film holders don't come too cheaply.
all that said if you stop way down to f11 or 22 you might get the dof you are hoping for

good luck !