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... my gut tells me this isn't the end of the Contax brand.
I see maybe a renaming of the new Zeiss Ikon M rangfinder to say maybe the Zeiss Ikon Contax IVa with both a film and (digital ) version available with Cosina building the bodies and Zeiss supplying the lenses. That is just speculation and wishful thinking but I could see it happening, especially since they already brought back the Zeiss Ikon name.
Yep, I think you are onto something. The whole ZI Rangefinder launch has a rat-like aroma to it, methinks. Even the Luddite Almalgamated Photographic Industries Corp. itself would not launch a "film-only" camera at this late date. Good news is - if there are new lenses being designed for the system, and they are in the normal focal length range for 35mm film, then maybe the digital version will have a 24x36mm sensor and will have great image quality! Woo-hoo... we can dream can't we....