I'm just starting to move from resin coated to fibre-based prints, and am having a few problems with the basics!

Washing times that stretch on for an hour are okay, but cause a log jam of prints queued up for my washer which will take a couple of 10x8's maximum. I've seen archival washers (Nova Darkroom, etc) but I can't justify that expense. So... ...I've been thinking of building a cascade system on the cheap!

My local garden centre do seed trays about the right size for a 10x8 print for about 1 each with drainage holes in the bottom. I reckon a vertical stack of 5 or so of these in a homemade framework (wood or metal racking) might do the trick. Water goes in at the top and out at the bottom. Prints start at the bottom and move up a tray every twelve minutes or so being washed in progressively cleaner water as they ascend.

Most rigs like this I've seen go up and to the side in a sort of terraced arrangement. This one would go straight up, which would result in a different flow in the trays.

What do you think? Would it work?

How do you go about washing your FB prints?

All tips, tricks, ideas and opinions gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,