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Ok this confuses me, I was under the impression that using movements you could basically bring everything from the near limit to infinity into focus with the caveat that you are losing focus area in the foreground above the focal plane (and I suppose also below it depending on whether or not the extended plane of focus intersects with the ground). In other words, compared to a system that isn't utilizing a tilt, you end up with much less front-to-back depth near the camera but an enormous amount more at great distances from the camera. Is my thinking still wonky here?
What you can do is change the plane of focus, to the point where you might even be able to get everything you want into focus. Assuming you can find a plane that everything is on, and can adjust all of the tilts and swings to get that plane in focus.

The comment about decreasing DOF applies to distance from the camera, because the depth is a spread around the plane which is acceptably in focus and that focal plane is no longer parallel to the film plane, you effectively make it shallower.

I actually think that you understand this, but I figured I'd confirm your thoughts.