I've been holding onto this old 220 RB67 back for a long time planning to "one day" build a pinhole camera around it. I've got a freezer full of 220 Velvia from 1995 that I scored for free, and I figure it's not getting any fresher, so it was time to get this thing done. So today I finally built my second pinhole camera! (third if you count a linhof-style lens board with a pinhole on it...)

After a trip to the art store for some black foam core I figured I would give it a go. I think I'd like to rebuild this in wood, so I can mount a proper tripod mount, and maybe come up with a more elegant way to attach the back (metal clips to hold onto the retaining grooves, for example, though I've really got no idea how to work with metal).

Anyway the build and the near-final foamboard prototype (still needs some black paint and of course a mounted pinhole plate and shutter - will probably just use a sliding foamboard type).

Cutting and stuff.

Gluing layers:

More layers:


Attachment (cumbersome and kind of questionable with wood glued to foam core):

Back view:

I'll shoot a test roll with this and decide if I like the focal length (25mm) and then go ahead and redo it in wood, I think.