If you can find a Kodak Tray syphon on ebay buy it. I used one for years and still have the prints in pristine condition to prove that it works. The downside is that depending on the tray size and print size you cannot wash more than 2 or 3 prints together.

If you cannot find a tray syphon try the following:

Use a developing tray, the choice of size depends on the biggest print you normally make, if it is 12 x 16 you need a 16 x 20 tray. Purchase some 15mm plastic pipe used by plumbers and drill a series of small holes along it about 1.5 inches apart. Drill a hole about 2/3rd from the bottom of the tray that the 15mm pipe will go into on each of the longest sides of the tray opposite each other at one end. Purchase from your local garden centre or plumbing supplier one stop end to place at one end of the pipe and some sort of connector for a hose to fit on the other end of the pipe. Connect this to a tap and this is your water in.
Finally, drill a series of holes along the opposite end of the tray about 1.5 inches apart and 1 inch or so from the top. This is the water outlet. The cost is minimal and it is very efficient but like the syphon you cannot wash a lot of prints at the same time although if they are small prints in relation to the size of the tray it is possible to wash up to 10.

I still have the one that I made many years ago even though I now use a Calumet Archival washer. I use it to pre-wash my prints as I work through a session. Each print I make goes into my home made tray which has just a trickle of water passing through. When the next print goes in I remove the previous print into the archival washer and so on and only when I finish the session do I switch on the water supply to the archival washer.

On the subject of washing I think I read an entry of yours saying that you are starting to use Ilford Warmtone fibre paper. Might I suggest that you be careful about the length of wash you give this paper, over washing will result in the optical whitener being washed out resulting in a very yellow creamy base colour. I haven't experienced this with other papers although I am fairly certain that most modern papers do have some sort of whitener in.