I've never seen any Fred Picker prints. He and Zone VI had a HUGELY positive effect on my photography. After seeing the books of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Imogen Cunningham, I knew that my way of seeing demanded the control of large format. Since I had never touched or even seen a large format camera and the nearest store that sells them is 1000 miles down the road, Zone VI made me feel confident enough to mail order the 4x5 outfit. Twenty+ years later I'm still using the same camera, camera bag, lenses, film holders, focusing cloth, and tripod. They have not led a gentle life in the north coast rainforest!

The Compensating Metronome used with a cold light on graded paper was a massive improvement in ensuring consistant print exposures.

Another thing I got from Fred was the idea that you should be able to duplicate a prints perfomance at a later date. This is pivotal in the way I now work; fine tuning a print, letting it dry overnight and flattening it the next day to really have a good look at it, then diving back into the darkroom and picking up from exactly where I left off.

I dealt with Zone VI in the early 1980's, so I didn't experience anything of Fred's apperently changing attitudes as he aged. I never did call Fred up and thank him for all he had done for my photography...that makes me sad.