I am not generally interested in bulk loading, for various reasons, but thanks for the suggestion.

Now that I look at how much Plus-X costs now, the Arista was actually 33 percent the price of the Kodak. Bulk-rolled Kodak Plus-X in the yellow box ends up costing about $3.50 per 36-exp. roll, plus time. The Arista cost about 60 percent of this in factory-rolled cassettes, with no time required. So, whichever way you dice it, it is a big hit to the pocket book for 35mm Plus-X lovers.

If you like rolling your own Plus-X, I would stock up on the last of the Premium 100 in bulk rolls, which will take the cost per 36-exp. down to $1.50 per roll plus time. It may be worth loading my own for that deal, since the 36-exp. rolls are gone.