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If you are mailing your film off anyhow, why not do it for cheaper?
Have you ever used a prepaid mailer? It's not about cost, it's about convenience. But Samy's isn't really cheaper when you factor the return shipping in (something that's included with the prepaid mailer.)

Next month, I'll be travelling quite a bit. I don't really want to carry several order forms with me, have to fill them out, and enclose with each envelope, plus carry mailing supplies on top of that. With a prepaid mailer you just enclose an address slip (provided as part of the mailer), and you're done.

I also won't be consistently reachable by phone, which means if there's any sort of payment issue, it could hold up an order.

Much easier just to carry the envelopes which themselves are the method of payment, and drop them in blue boxes as I go, and my slides will be waiting for me at home when I return.

Note that one of the things that's prepaid is the return shipping. Samy's may process for $5 a roll, but they're also going to charge return shipping, and even if it's just, say, $1.50 USPS first class... we're into mailer price territory. Factor in my time spent filling out forms (and carrying them with me) and it's a wash.

If you're mailing off several rolls at once from one place, it doesn't make sense to use prepaid mailers.

But if you're traveling the US and stopping in many, many places, maybe shooting one roll each, the prepaid mailers make a lot of sense. Just drop them in a blue box and continue on to your next stop.