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Can you use this method to make a quasi-ANR neg carrier top glass?
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...No because the grain of the ground glass will be an issue...
Since anti-newton-rings (ANR) top glasses are readily available, it doesn't seem worthwhile, but I'm not sure it couldn't be done effectively. One would need to put an absolute minimum of texture on the glass, nowhere near as much as what's necessary for a focus screen.

I'm considering something similar for a negative carrier's bottom glass. With TMAX 100 and Acros, the emulsion side is sufficiently shiny to create rings in glass carriers. Does anyone have experience with grit size to ever-so-slightly grind the glass so it resembles plain glass with ANR powder on it? ANR powder was used by spraying it into the air and then passing a transparency or negative through the powder cloud.

The glass surface would need to be almost indistinguishable from how it looked before "grinding." In other words, ground just enough to break the gloss. All suggestions welcome!
You might try an acid etching bath due just a few seconds if the grinding doesn't work.