I have two large format enlargers to give away. These are large and bulky, and way too expensive to ship, so they will be pickup only items.

Enlarger #1:
This is a 5x7 Elwood Style Enlarger. It has a cast base that hinges towards the bottom of the enlarger allowing it to move 90 degrees from the baseboard. The entire enlarger is made of cast or metal parts.

This is a BIG enlarger! It is over 5 feet tall from the floor the top of the lamp house. I am using my little Beseler enlarger as a reference to show the size of this big beast. The enlarger comes with a metal 4x5 and wooden 5x7 negative carrier, and a decent little Elgeet 135mm 4.5 Colorstigmat enlarging lens.

I was told from the previous owner, that this enlarger was used to make mural sized photographs projecting the image on the wall of a darkroom. It has been modified, and a Omega D series type of condenser glass piece was fabricated into the top of this enlarger. It was loosely tied in with some flimsy wire, and I think it could easily be converted back to original - just a piece of frosted glass in it's place, or used as is.

Enlarger #2:
Kodak 4x5 Auto Focus Enlarger. The chassis is cast metal. The enlarger lamp house is a Japanned tin material attached to a wooden piece for the wooden negative carrier.


The enlarger has a built in c-clamp in the base, and this allows you to clamp the enlarger to the corner of any table, rather than using a traditional enlarger baseboard setup. It comes with a wooden 4x5 carrier, and a wee little Kodak Antastigmat 150mm lens with a washer stop inserted inside.

I just don't have the room or equipment to print large format negatives any more. I know these are oldies, but someone may be interested in obtaining a free enlarger to print their large format negatives. Send me a PM or answer through this thread if you are interested.