Rüdiger, I have just finished printing and writing the addresses for round 21, postage stamps on Monday and they are off.

I have already printed round 22 and can do a maximum of 61 postcards, as that is what I printed. As I was near the end of the box I just whacked the rest through the Durst Printo.

Took me about 40 minutes to print the 61 postcards, including washing and drying. I dry with a ROWI 300 mm wide RC paper dryer, for those who would like to know.

As for those people who insist in attempting to change the postcard exchange into a print exchange, by using cardboard supported and fully enveloped prints, please don't.

This is a postcard exchange, not a glorified mini print exchange. If you wish to participate in a print exchange, please do, but not in the postcard exchange.

I don't care if you feel that the value of the postage, with various weighted envelopes, gives you an apparent better value for money, this is a postcard exchange.

Seeing just how well, or how not so well a postcard made itself around the world, is half the fun, checking out the image is the other half of the fun.