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Now, I don't know much about these here computer thingies, so maybe somebody can help me out: Two versions of Vista, with plain ol' Vista being represented by only 11 users, and Longhorn being over a million? And whither Windows 7? What's Windows 2008?

I'm confoosed.
It seems Sean uses an outdated program for collecting statistics. Vista Longhorn, or Longhorn short, was the "development name" of what has now become Windows 7. So I guess the stats for Vista Longhorn, are Windows 7.

I can't explain the extreme low number for Vista itself. Of all Windows users on my site in the past 3 months, about 20% still used Vista, versus 28% Windows 7.

Maybe the data is actually even more garbled than I thought, because looking at the numbers, I am beginning to suspect that Windows 2008 (18% in Sean's APUG stats) is actually Windows 7. Maybe Vista Longhorn than represents a late Vista version, instead of Windows 7. With 11%, that wouldn't be too strange in the light of the statistics of my own site.

Windows 2003 is at least a server version of Windows. Used in big organizations / companies to run networks.

Windows ME is a version of Windows that came after Windows 98, but never grew to much popularity, as Microsoft released Windows XP just afterwards. In fact, I think most users switched from Windows 95 straight to XP, like most are now going from XP to 7 while skipping Vista.