In my free copy of the British Black and White Photography magazine (thank you Ailsa&#33 I read about tea-staining as a form of toning a photograph. For the postcard exchange group on this forum, I printed an image of an old,scary-looking clown. The Ilford RC multi-contrast postcard paper stock is a briliant white base colour and cool tones, so I tried this tea-staining to yellow-up the image to give an older vintage feel to the image. I put 2 black tea bags in about 3/4 liter of boiling water and placed prints in it while it was still quite hot. As it cooled the staining took longer. I think it worked quite well. Some of you will see first hand after the mailing this week. So if you haven't tried tea-staining yet, I say try it, you might like it too!
Frank S.