Never tried it for making In Camera Paper negs.

I have used it for its intended purpose, as well as the fibre variation.
I have tons of the RC I would sell to anyone, been sitting around for about 4years so I cannot speak for its condition, I would have to run some to make sure its still good. I have three not opened 30inch x 100ft rolls and 3/4 of the same.
I would only sell as full rolls.
ISO is around 10-25 Harmon could give you better numbers.

You are right , any developer is ok with this paper , I use Dektol and Ilford multigrade developer, stop , fix hypo clear toning the same.
You do have to process without safe light , it has been no problem for use.
We first used Agfa Classic then the Harmon and we will try Adox.
Being able to work in safelight would be helpful but not necessary.

BTW I have never used it for analogue colour negatives , but its not a stretch to imagine it would work , as RGB laser exposure works fine.

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Has anyone had success using Ilford Ilfospeed RC Digital paper as an in-camera paper negative? The paper is panchromatic and would therefore provide a sensitivity to the full color spectrum rather then insensitivity to red, low sensitivity to green, and high sensitivity to blue light as typical enlarging papers do. Im wondering if this paper functions similarly to regular B&W paper i.e. can it be developed in regular paper developer? It seems that the only difference would be that you cant use it under a safe light. Any experience with this stuff here? Thank you.