I have attended many workshops over the years, but Ronand Mark’s was the most enjoyable of all of them. The discussion of the chemistry of emulsion making was great. The occasional zoom into high level chemistry between Ron and Bob was fun also. The overall discussion was wonderful, giving me lots to think about in the evenings.

Making the emulsion proved simple and unthreatening, coating, that was something else at least for me. The blade chattered against the guide, dribbled when I picked it up too soon, spots from wet or dry fingers, etc. In short every error I could make. I was ecstatic. If your going to make errors, do it in the workshop where you can get immediate feedback.

I’m looking forward to further “Adventures in Emulsion Making” with Ron in Rochester or wherever. And you guys in Texas in Kansas, you can fly there (I’m in New Mexico)

Ron, Thank you so very much for a marvelous time.

Joe Sarff