I have to disagree with the idea that, "With color you just do it - and that is it."

Color is in some ways, less flexible .. there is no variable contrast color paper, for example, but there are other techniques. You can control excessive contrast with "pre-flashing", for example. Burning, dodging, of course, cropping, and a host of other manipulations are equally as viable.

I process most - 99.999% - of my own work. The biggest problem with an off-shore facility would be communication ... I work, more or less, "stream-of-consciousness" - one print just completed will suggest another approach, and that one, still another. If I had a real, concrete, fixed idea of what each and every final print should look like, I'd probably choose a Commercial lab. As it is, to give them a negative (and LOTS can be done with film processing), go home, and return the next day to find another idea, ... and repeat, would be totally impractical.