Kodak, Fuji and Ilford all had to speed / changer the sensitivity of the emulsions to work on Laser or Led exposing units, like the Lambda, Lightjet or Chromira.
so my guess is enlarger exposure is stronger or about the same.
When I was doing all analoque printing I found the colour papers much slower, Putting in colour paper using an enlarger is much faster today.
As I said I never exposed the paper in a regular enlarger but Yes it will work, its a light sensitive emulsion.
Probably about 200 per roll but shipping may be a problem or an added cost.
Seriously if I sell it would be as is other than I would check the opened roll to see how it is and if it is good I would assume the rest is ok.
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Do you know if this paper can be exposed in the same way that normal enlarging paper can be (except without safelight obviously)? I'm wondering what it's exposure sensitivity would be in a regular enlarger rather then a digital laser enlarger. I would assume that a digital laser enlarger outputs significantly more light at a higher intensity. Is this true or do they output the same kind of light as a regular enlarger?

Also, what would you be asking for a roll of your old stuff assuming it works?