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I finally used my pneumatic packard shutter the other day (on a Dallmeyer 4A, very nice).

I realised I was taking 11x14" photos faster than I'd ever managed in 8x10" or 4x5" because I wasn't farting around cocking or checking shutters.

Just squeeze, load, squeeze - etc...

From a users standpoint a packard works as how I think press shutters do - they cock themselves in the same action as tripping the shutter. Yup, packards work differently, but I refer to the simplicity of a one action er... action.

Why aren't they more popular ?
Ilex Universals are double action shutters. Those are very popular but haven't been made in years. Just about every Commercial and Wide-field Ektar lived in a Universal, and those are very popular lenses.
I think Copal made or makes press shutters although I've never seen one though. Prontors were pretty popular, weren't they? They are nice little shutters.