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... I'm just not sure if it's not better to just buy another Canon A-series or just sell out to autofocus completely... I'm in the middle of a photography class too!

Sorry I just miserable over the whole thing.

For a number of years, I was out of photography. When I was last "in", it was the mid-eighties, there was no autofocus, and the 35mm gear I used was US Navy Canon F1s and FD lenses.

When I got back into photography about ten years later, everything had gone autofocus (or so it seemed) and auto-exposure. When I started doing it professionally again, I got a couple of Canon EOS-1n sets and EF lenses.

My wife prefers to shoot autofocus, but if it werent' for that fact, I'd trade all my EOS & EF gear for a nice F1 and FD equivalents.

Before you decide, you might want to give this site a skim:

The Autofocus Problems Page
Think that if you just switch your AF camera to manual focus it's as good as having a manual focus camera? Expect anything close to the rated resolution of your lens when using Autofocus? You might think different after spending some time at this site: