I've finally got a chance to shoot some of the 11x14" Provia that I got from Badger Graphics a year or so ago. Shooting portraiture at 1:1 magnification with a Dallmeyer 4A - thats about 15" or so - as its 400ASA I'm finding that f4 is more than enough, even with the 4 stops of bellows compensation

The format allows a full head shot with none of the cramped/cropped composition issues of 8x10" at 1:1...

Developing in Kodak 5 bath at home here with a CPE2.

Wondering who else got some and what they're doing with it ?

I have 10 more sheets - and I think 16 $heets of 5 year old Velvia 11x14" heading my way soon - after that its back down to 8x10" E6 - ah well !