For landscape , I used 250 mm Sonnar Copy at Kiev 88. For Macro and to 4 meters far objects , 80 mm planar copy. I used 5 Leicas until today and I prefer 50 mm. But this summer I will buy a R4 with 150 mm Telyt for Ektachrome 100 vs.
Now I have Rollei 35 S 40 mm Sonnar and Nikon One Touch with a 35 mm Sonnar.
Other two large format cameras will be built , first 6x17 cms Anamorphic Pinhole Camera with BW Kodak film , developed for positive and toned with Palladium and emulsion transfer - if possible I am still look for an answer - to glass and second camera homemade 35 mm Lomo Spinner with slit lens