Hi, I no longer shoot MF and it's time move leftover film out the door. Sad not in a camera, but anyway. I'd like to trade the lot for 35mm color C-41 and some b+w. I've never shot Adox, Efke or Rollei Pan and would like to try a bit.

I have Plus-X, Tri-X or Portra 160NC and don't need anymore.I have some and love them.

I'd like some slow Efke some 50 or 25 ISO, Pan-F, Adox, Ektar, 160VC.

This is what I have to trade:
1 ea. 400VC expires 02/2011
3 ea. 400VC expired 10/20/10
1 ea. Ektar expires 07/20/12
3 ea. 160VC expired 01/10
2 ea. Provia 400X expired 2010-1
2 ea. 100-TMAX expires 06/2012
2 ea. TMY-2 expires 02/11

All has been kept frozen. I would prefer a single trade rather then send a role here and another there.