I just got a complete darkroom kit from a long-time developer who can't find the time any more. Durst F60 (it will do the 6x6s from my 1948 Zeiss Ikonta), timer, safelight, trays, washer, focuser, a bunch of jugs and all kinds of accessories, all for $80. The really good thing is that it's a bathroom system that has been in use and not a bunch of stuff a guy accumulated. It took 4 months of watching Craig's list to get just the right system at just the right price.

It's going into an internal bathroom with no windows but good ventilation. The Durst will sit on the vanity, the trays on plywood over the tub, the washer in the Laundry room across the hall. I was thinking of cutting a terrycloth towel into strips sewn end to end and stuffed around the door.

I've been scanning slides and negs for a few years, but I had printed almost nothing in the last year. I realized it was because after 30 years programming computers I just can't stand to spend more time in front of a keyboard and monitor at home.