Thanks to one and all for the (very rapid&#33 replies.

Les - Thanks for this. I'm currently using a "Paterson High-Speed Print Washer" which I acquired 2nd hand along with the rest of my darkroom. I think it works in a very similar way to your suggestion and I have no complaints except the limited number I can do at once. Rigging up a few of your version and having them going in parallel might be a way to go.

I take your point about washing out the brightener. I have been washing with a fairly aggressive water flow up to now. Now might be a good time to tone it down a bit! :-) What would you suggest for a suitable washing time (water temp is usual UK mains supply (i.e. Brrrrrr&#33).

dnmilikan - Was this a vertical slot washer? If so, did you have any issues with FB paper buckling?

Aggie - Are these made by Paterson like the link I have above, or someone else?

I notice that nobody who's so far replied uses a cascade system. Should I take that as indicative of something?! :-) I managed to find a shot of a professional cascade online at (top left). Any thoughts on my DIY flavour?

Again, thanks very much indeed for the information!