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My rule is anything 30 years old and never used likely never worked. I think that flash used a battery similar to the current 60 flash.

IIRC you'll need a case for the battery and for sure you'll need a charger. By the time you've bought all that a used Metz 60 with all the fitings might be cheaper. A used Metz 45 almost certainly will.
Hello Nick,
thanks for your help! The battery mentioned on the page you pointed does not work with 202, probably except when charged in a separate charger. The 202 outfit I was so attracted with includes flash, bracket, two cords, power supply and a box for battery with carrying strap I think I don't need a separate charger for it. Another NiCad battery (http://www.bogenimaging.us/product/t...46&itemid=1379) bears 202 on top, so maybe it should fit?

The worst problem in Russia's photo life is that we have never had here any decent things. So the second-hand market is empty - I would LOVE to get an used Metz 45 or 60, but I really can't - they have not been here, so there is no way to get them used I understand that something that was on the shelf for 30 years never worked, but the choice is nil, unfortunately

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