Darin, define your terms. I ask because I have no clue what you mean by vintage lens. Name names.

My best guess is ancient non-anastigmats. This may be too broad 'cos there doesn't seem to be much demand for rapid rectilinears/aplanats. Among early anastigmats, only Planars seem to command silly money.

Name names. There are certainly cult lenses but I have no idea what the cultists do with them. Pray to them, perhaps, burn incense in front of them, incorporate them in shrines to their household spirits, ...

I have and have sold a couple of cult lenses, but they're all post-WW-II. Postings on the Hong Kong Old Lens Club site ( http://translate.google.com/translat...6prmd%3Divnsfd ) give the impression that those characters use their cult lenses.

John, if you want to take advantage of Petzval mania, sell soon. There's no telling how long it will last.