Autofocus cameras can be a real PITA. Most modern cameras like the EOS line are more like computers than cameras IMO. It is very easy to select a shutter speed and lens aperture on the Canon A and F series cameras and a hassle to try and use an EOS or similar auto-everything electronic marvel. I have students ready to throw their EOSs and Maxxums in the trash because the cameras will freeze up and not let them take a very simple picture manually without reprogramming everything.

You can probably find a good used A or F body very inexpensively and I would recommend you do that. The only reason I would suggest an autofocus camera is if your eyesight is failing with age or you need it for some specialized daily purpose like pro sports photography. For anything else, the older cameras will be easier to adjust and use for most people. That is unless you are doing some programmed setting in which case you might as well invest in a point-and-shoot camera and save some money.

There are some other issues with things like maximum apertures on the newer autofocus lenses that also tend to impede creative use of the cameras. Most new AF cameras come with zoom lenses with max apertures around 4-5.6 or thereabouts. Try doing a very shallow depth of field shot with them...nowhere near as easy as with an old 50mm f/1.4 FD lens.

"They don't make them like they used to."

Rant over.