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But, how many have bought and refrigerated tons of their favorite films and papers in fear of them not being available in the future? What does that do to current film and paper sales and the companies who depend on it?

I fear, by the time their fridges are empty, the manufacturers we depend on are out of business, and ironically, these people partially caused it!
I don't do that.

It's bad for those industry players who actually are trying hard to survive as film manufacturers. And I need them to survive.

If they don't, my brand new Aristo tubes will be no more than a pretty aquamarine-colored mood light in a very strange-looking table lamp...

Posted by me on the subject of price-hoarding from this thread:

"And the [Ilford] price increase? Not a problem. In fact, I'm not even going to alter my purchasing cycles to try to "beat" it. I will simply continue to purchase what I need, when it's needed, at whatever price helps to provide for its continued availability.

"To do otherwise would be, I believe, both short-sighted AND truly shooting myself in the foot..."