Howdy all,

A fellow member (and president of the Blackwood photography club), MattC and myself were having a bit of a chat the other day.

We were thinking that it might be a good idea to possibly organise a Dark Room User Group in Adelaide. Initially, it would be about sharing ideas, talking about prints and techniques (I am not too keen on competitions) and even about using collective numbers to help continue with our hobby.

What I am keen on is thoughts from those of you who may be members of similar groups in Australia (I know that there are a few hear part of a group in Melbourne similar to this). What does your group offer that makes it attractive to you? What things don't work for your group?

Any feedback would be appreciated. At this stage, we are keen just to get ideas and if we think that it could work, we will promote and post about starter meetings (I know that there are one or two members from Adelaide here!)