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Now I don't particularly like the handling of C lenses with their fiddly constant aperture coupling and heavy focusing but since I'll be using the lens not that often on a tripod I reckon it won't matter that much.
Assuming a similar state of abuse, the CT*'s and CF's are equally stiff. IOW, the difference between the one sample to the next will exceed any difference between the two types. My experience at least.

I also have a CB lens. Those, and the crazy-expensive CFi's, are smooth-focusing.

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Would you say it is worth getting perhaps an older lens and getting it serviced (costs about 100-150 to service) so I have a "new" one vs getting a CF that might need servicing in a few months?
Unless you hate the EV-coupling, go for a serviced, cheaper CT*. The CF will add nothing but harder edged aperture blades (looks ugly in the OOF highlights, IMO). The CF will of course add the F setting, but I don't think many people use that.

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Also, is there an obvious image quality difference between the C, CT* and CF versions? Because if a CF is visibly better than a C/CT* I'll get one of these.
I see no difference, speaking for CT* vs. CF. I don't know about C lenses.