"Traditional film–based revenue slid 25 percent to $439 million, hit by volume declines and surging costs for silver and aluminum. The photographic film, photofinishing and entertainment film unit posted a $3 million operating loss in contrast with $53 million in operating profit a year earlier."

So it seems that the film business is no longer a cash generator for the rest of the business. Presumably "entertainment film" comprises all the movie film products as well, which makes it even worse? "Photofinishing" presumably also includes products and services for consumer prints from digital cameras?

Just expectations of something round the next corner....and even those seem to centre mostly around consumer inkjet, where, of course, they have some very serious and heavy competition from the established brands of HP, Epsom, Canon, etc. And, in recessionary times, people are not going to be replacing their current printers just to get a few extra lights and whistles.

Maybe time to stock up on favorite Kodak films while we still can.