Well, the film division's numbers are a fairly small loss in a single quarter, so I wouldn't rush to "the sky is falling" just yet.

Based just on that first article, it sounds like Kodak's plan is to turn itself into a digital-output operation centred around consumer inkjets and professional digital "printing press" systems---that's not a trivial market to survive in, but it isn't an obviously futile or crazy effort. (The consumer part is already quite crowded, though: I would assume Kodak is at best in fifth place now, behind Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark! That's got to be quite a hill to climb.)

If I were Kodak---which obviously I'm not---I'd be keeping my eye on that ball and waiting to see if film revenues recover in the next few quarters before rushing to any decisions. But they may have foreknowledge of where the cine industry is going, for instance, that would affect that thought process. (I've done some digital-cinema work, and my feeling is that 3D is a fad but it may end up being a fad that drives a general switch to digital projection, which anyway is inevitable for logistical reasons.)