Heresey! but, a very practical means for communicating with the lab.

Now, I have a confession. My wife has one of those other cameras and, while she was away this weekend, I did some experimenting with it (disguised as her so that my kids wouldn't think I'd lost it). I discovered that one can make pretty decent proofs of 4x5 negs & chromes by simply taping them to a brightly lit window, masking off the rest of the window with cardboard and using the hand-held scanner thingy (if you know what I mean) on a tripod. The three photos I have posted in the gallery were made in this manner. I used some photo editing software that came bundled with the camera but was very careful to do only the absolute minimum necessary to produce a proof....the details would, I suppose, properly belong in the gray area forum...but to proof a B&W negative, all that I did was, crop, invert, convert to grayscale (becasue although the neg is B&W the output of the camera is color), adjust levels, save, resize and save as. Hopefully, that is not crossing the boundaries.